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Not a Bing Ads User? Get $100 in Ad Credit to Become One !

Written By David Dzung on Saturday, November 8, 2014 | 11/08/2014 07:53:00 PM

Since our June 2012 re-launch of Bing Webmaster Tools, many webmasters, site owners, and search marketers like yourself have joined our program and use the tools to stay up-to-date on how their web site is performing in Bing and Bing-powered search results.

Millions of content publisher share their Sitemaps, Parameters to Ignore, and Crawl Preferences with us, allowing their websites to shine on Bing.com, Yahoo!, and other places powered by Bing — as all of these things help us to more successfully connect their content to searchers worldwide.

As such, Bing Webmaster Tools is certainly an essential set of tools to master to be successful in in Bing and Bing-powered search. However, as users flock to the web for their Holiday shopping over the next couple of months, you may need some additional options to accelerate your website’s opportunity to get in front of the Holiday crowds.
A $100 USD Opportunity this Holiday Season

Usually we talk mainly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and focus on the “free” or “organic” traffic side of things. We don’t usually talk much about the “paid” aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on the Webmaster Tools blog. However, with the help of the Bing Ads team — who are great friends of the Bing Webmaster Tools program — we are able to talk about the latter a bit more today by presenting you with a unique opportunity:

To help you get started with your Holiday Season ad campaign and attract more holiday shoppers, the Ads team has authorized the Bing Webmaster Team to provide all users that are not yet part of our Bing Ads program $100 dollars in free advertising credit* to spend on the Yahoo! Bing Advertising network this Holiday season when signing up for a new Bing Ads account.
What do you have to do to get the $100?

If you are a Bing Webmaster Tools user that has not yet signed up with Bing Ads, check your inbox where you get your usual Bing Webmaster notifications for our special offer email containing your coupon code, the instructions on how to get into the Bing Ads program, and the exact offer details pertaining to your country**.

On top of that, we will start reminding you of this opportunity and your coupon code inside Webmaster Tools itself. Simply look for the little banner at the bottom of the Webmaster Tools navigation menu when you’ve logged into one of your sites. It will look something like this:

A click on this banner will reveal your coupon code and provide you with instructions and the exact offer details. You will also find a copy of the offer in your Message Center once you log into Webmaster Tools. This comes in handy in case you either missed the invite email or in case you never ticked the right communication preferences box in your Webmaster Profile.

Well, there you have it: $100 in free advertising credit just to sign up with Bing Ads. Go grab it while you can!

Stay up to date with what else is new in Bing Webmaster Tools land and follow me on Twitter: @vincentwehren.

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