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Recently developers are working on developing skills in information technology

Written By Dung Master on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 | 1/06/2015 11:38:00 PM

Recently developers are working on developing skills in information technology. Microsoft .Net forms the heart of the training programs. This article deals with the future essential skills for developers for the next five years. These skills are:

1: Any one of these skills (Java, .Net, PHP)

Development domain has changed, it is important for the developers to know any one of these skills. It is not only important to know theoretical knowledge but also practical system. Hence the knowledge for libraries and framework is necessary.

2: RIA: Rich Internet applications

This shall help in developing animations for the applications that are being developed by developers. HTML 5 is incorporating RIA functionality. This shall help in database functionality and functionality.

3: Development of Web

Web development is still in the market, the companies have become demanding for this technology. They have to stick to the basics of website development.

4: Web services

SOAP or XML services have found their application in the development process.

5: Skills

Soft skills are essential for developers. The developers attend the meetings to build effective communication with the team.

6: Functional Programming language

LINQ system is being used in Microsoft .Net system. These languages shall expand the horizons.

7: Agile methodology

As Agile has hit the mainstream market, it has found its demand in among developers.

8: Knowledge of domain

If the project domain is understood clearly, it helps in increasing the solution for the project. The domain problem is also understood clearly.

9: Development “hygiene”

The developers must be aware of the checking environment for the codes. This shall help them fix the bugs for the codes. The source control must also be used by the developers efficiently.

10: Mobile development

The next era is of mobile development, so it is essential to run the codes in the mobile.To learn more about Microsoft .Net course at ZaranTech, please visit http://www.zarantech.com/course-list/dotnet. Call 515-978-9047 or email bhavani@zarantech.com


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