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Application for call recording is largely used in recording telephone conversations

Written By David Dzung on Monday, February 9, 2015 | 2/09/2015 07:44:00 AM

Application for call recording is largely used in recording telephone conversations. Recording apps are greatly advanced recording system than recording software which was included by every smartphone manufacturer earlier. It used to record business calls, but for a short period of time. This recording software did not target many users.

Talking about recording applications, it created hype. A call recorder android application name Total Recall has made its place amongst applications of recording. The use of this recording app is mounting as time passes by and this is the reason for the growing esteem of this recording application. But before getting this app installed, you need to first check whether your handset has a potential to attune this application or not. If you are unsure, then prefer downloading 30 days free trial version as it may result to substandard recording or other issue.

This call recorder application is basically introduced for Android users earlier since 2004. You get a free 30 day trial period for a month where you can hit upon the issues and complications related to this application. This App is easily accessible on Google Play Store. You can download this application for free and install it. The user interface of this application is extremely simple and any common user can run this app on their device. You will not receive any spam, commercial once you download this application. Also user information will be secured with no tracking code option.

At present, no such area is there where this recording app is not used. These applications are not only useful for business and official, purpose, but also it is helpful for recording regular conversations. Like if you receive any fake or annoying calls, then it can be shown as an evidence, if needed taking into account the circumstances. You can use this application for not only recording two sided conversations, i.e. outgoing and incoming calls, but also you can use it for one sided recording of audio files like lectures, meetings, conferences, speeches, songs, etc. via Microphone.

You can save all your incoming and outgoing recording conversations by saving and storing them on Gmail, inbox, Google drive, Evernote and drop box. Here you can upload all your files. This option is preferred only when your phone memory has exceeded a limit. All you need to do is make a manual setting by activating 3 default options which lets you to record calls of particular contact or call contacts or everything or none.
On the whole, you can customize this call recorder app as per your preference. You get these files recorded in different formats like AMR, WAV, MP3 & MP4. You also get a password protection option for securing all your calling activities. You can send these recordings by using an auto send option or you can transfer them via Bluetooth or any other social media app.

The Total Recall app is an extremely effective recording app that can record calls for many hours. It consumes approx 8 MB size in recording 1 hour conversation. The memory space that it covers is approx 1 MB. You can also get to know more information about the features of this call recorder android app. The sound quality of these recorders is highly advanced and can record calls for many hours.


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