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What is a WPF WYSIWYG?

Written By Unknown on Saturday, March 28, 2015 | 3/28/2015 04:57:00 AM

In order to understand these abbreviations, you must break them down as they are actually two different things.

What is WPF?

WPF stand for Windows Presentation Foundation. This is a graphical system that is used for rendering interfaces in Windows Based applications. This subsystem used XAML which is an XML based language to link as well as defines the different elements of the interface. WPF tries to unify several different common elements in the interface for users including adaptive documents, fixed documents, 2D rendering, 3D rendering, vector graphic, typography, pre rendered media, and runtime animation. All of these elements can be maneuvered or linked according to the interactions, data bindings, and other events.

What is WYSIWYG?

WYSIWG is the abbreviation used for "What you see is what you get". This is really nothing more than the term used when talking about a user interface that lets you view your creation in the way it will look across various applications such as a web page or document. For web pages, documents and programs for presentations, this interface allows you to see exactly what the end user will see. When talking about desktop publishing or word processing, this interface allows you to see a simulation of what the finished product will look like once printed. This type of interface can also be used to manipulate 3D computer graphics, computer design, and 3D models in stereo chemistry.

Now to explain wpf wysiwyg which is a new editor that blends both of the above into an advanced and high quality editor for ease of use as well as increase productivity. The editor allows you to create and use all of your favorite elements and have them in the menu so it will be easier to locate exactly what you need instead of spending time scouring the menu for the one element you need or using more than one editor to complete a project.

In our fast paced world, being able to finish all of our projects in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. We need an easy to use interface that does not take a degree to understand as well as one that can be customized to fit our own design or document requirements. An editor that allows you to customize is one of the most sought after tools for writers, webmasters, graphic designers, and businesses across the globe. With this new editor creations will be simple and fast while you discover all the new features and get your projects done quickly.


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