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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge: Ahead to the Galaxy Note 5

Written By alice jerusha on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 | 7/15/2015 10:30:00 PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the most awaiting phone, but if you remember last year Samsung revealed the Galaxy Edge along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and this year too, same story would be repeated with different names like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge.

However, the people are more interested in new form factor device the all-new and upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge with two-curve edges display. It has already happened in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which came with not only the new form factor but also with the new TouchWiz. The latest version of Touchwiz is having new set of features, which analogs have long been in other devices. For example SmartManager, that monitors memory and allows you to quickly remove trash. Useful thing for Android, Although we have never used it in S6 (cheaper models - literally every day) - this week with a slight, held in the arms of the device, we have not had time to clog its memory. Menu settings and notifications batter life practically grew. It is in vain, plus would not have happened. The updated player interface is eye candy. We love smart phones of Samsung for a good sound and comfortable player. Its interface also got a "cosmetic" changes, but the new features are not added. Is that the files in UHD formats inscription appeared on the widget and we did not like that on the lock screen of buttons to control the player strongly decreased - so inconvenient to switch songs on the go. And with song titles in Cyrillic continues mess - they are pulled through again. Well, these are small problems, which would be definitely fixed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge.

In Samsung smartphones, is usually a lot of pre-installed applications. More Is that Sony and Lenovo. But lately there is a tendency rendering applications questionable usefulness Galaxy Apps, where the user can, if desired, their load. True to learn of the existence of this option may only those who take an interest, what is this widget Gifts and Essentials hanging them on the desktop. Let me remind you that some shooting modes and additional camera panels for Edge also be loaded from the Galaxy Apps. To synchronize the data in S Health also need an account of Samsung. But such a range of gifts and extensions that Samsung recommends that you can download separately, we would not say that Samsung should increase the number of pre installed applications, but it should bring more features within the same apps existing. So, we can still expect good set of features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge. However, there are people who don’t like pre-installed applications, as they can’t remove them to create more space, but the good news is that users would able to remove the apps that they don’t want to prefer.


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