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Cell Phones, The ultimate Gadget of the Modern era

Written By Esme Craig on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 | 7/25/2017 11:45:00 PM

Cell Phones has become an integral and pivotal part of our lives. Almost 2 decades ago, a device that was once used only for calling is responsible for carrying out almost every task of our lives. It has been the wonder of the technological world. Cell Phones have come a long way from its inception and their use has become far more useful and convenient for the customers.

During the early times, they used to weigh heavier and carrying them was not a good option. Nowadays they have become smaller, efficient and, above all, smarter. They function have become intricate with time and one usually needs a proper introduction to the manual to fully operate it.
Competition has become fierce with time. Many new companies are emerging in the market with their advanced specifications.  Samsung and apple are two mega giants and arch rivals in this business. Competition has gotten even wild since Microsoft and Google stepped into the battle for the best cellphones.

The day Android was introduced to the world. It changed the dynamics of Cell phone industry.
It changed the way the cell phones were used. Google, a multinational technology company which provides technology related services, introduced the operating system for the mobiles. Just like the windows were used to operate Computers and laptops, Android was developed for cell phones. Android is laden with multiple applications and it is heaven for applications developer as there is a huge market that needs those applications.

Apple, another multinational technology company, has their own operating system for their phones, known as iPhone, called IOS. Apple has its own specifications for their mobile and its application. Apple was previously a computer making company started by Steve Jobs. They later stepped into cell phone industry and made their mark on the world with their jaw dropping specifications and qualities. They have launched Mac Book's, i pads,iPod, and Mackintosh.

Apart from the pads, Most of the tablet runs on Android. Since this industry is of paramount importance for the world, so each company tries to provide best quality products.
What makes this gadget an ultimate one are its applications. Look around you and notice how many things you can do with your cell phone that were a complete exhaustive task just a decade ago?
Emails, Text, gaming, music, video calling, writing, bidding and internet access and many countless things. Even latest gadget have sensors that can detect your body temperature and blood pressure. Who needs to go to the hospital? The amount of paperwork has been significantly reduced since you don’t need to big registers to keep the records.  Thousands of applications are available on that had made our life easier. Even the single glitch can be easily catered as there countless expert software solutions that can solve it.

The camera of the cell phones has also changed the tide of the photography industry. Even the great names of Camera industry find it hard to compete with cameras of the phone. Nobody would want to spend thee extra buck to buy a Camera when one can use that from a phone. DSLR are exceptions and they are not as costly as a cell phone. Nevertheless, the cameras of the phone are good enough to record or capture your moments.

Before smartphones, usually laptops or Computers were used to connect to the internet but now a cheap price of a cell phone can get you there.

I believe that innovations and advancements will keep on emerging in the technology world and the Mobile phone will do a necessary tool for if it is not now,

Human Imagination has no boundary. Everything that can be invented will be invented sooner or later.


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