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Great Tips for Leveraging Images in Social Media Marketing

Written By Esme Craig on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 | 7/19/2017 12:13:00 AM

The images are one of the important aspects of social media. Especially, in the case of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. People pay more attention to the content that includes an engaging image. The likes and shares increase to a great extent when you know how to leverage the images in your marketing efforts.

All social media marketing companies in India know the importance of images, hence, recommend using them. However, the approach towards the images requires the understanding of the target audiences. This way, it becomes easier to attain high shares, likes and attention to the social media.

Here, in this post, you can find some of the most valuable tips on using the images for social media marketing.

1. Upgrade your stock images

You must have accumulated a bunch pictures that you constantly use while posting on various social media. But,once in a while, it is extremely important to go through that stock and upgrade it. The same old pictures, again and again, can reduce the effect that you desire.

You need to invest in getting new images in order to achieve the authenticity and the freshness. New images can attract the audiences in an effective manner and keep you getting a high ROI on social media investments.

2. Include faces in the images

According to research, the human brain responds faster towards the images of people. The emotions expressed with a human face can attract people and allow them to stay engaged for a long time. This also helps in gaining more interest in the text content attached to the images. Hence, you should try adding the human faces in the visuals.

3. Keep it balanced

The balance in the image is necessary for all aspects. The text attached to the image, the colours, fonts and all other visual aspects affect the attention of the viewer. Having loud colours surrounding the image can reduce the effect. Similarly, bad colour selections can destroy the quality of the image. Hence, perfect balance is a necessity that you can’t compromise.

4. Convey desired emotions with the right colour

The colour psychology is not a news to the marketing experts. However, if you don’t know about it, then, learn about the emotional effects of the colours. The colours have the capacity to convey your emotions. You can leverage the capacity of the various colours to enhance the images.

5. Add an appealing copy

The images, when combined with correct copy, can do wonders for you. The words support the images by triggering the desires and needs of the viewers. The best way to write an effective copy is by thinking of the benefits rather than the features. You need to think about the benefits that your business can offer to the customers. This approach can lead you to the highly sharable image content.

Social media has a lot of distractions, but the right image can help you attain maximum ROI. So, consult an SMO services India in order to plan your image strategy for social media.


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